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Our quintessential wine, Russian River Valley’s refined ringleader.

CIRQ launched in 2009, with Michael’s passion to make delicious wines from Russian River Valley’s most exceptional sites. Inspired by his childhood circus-performing days, our winery ringmaster brings the same intense study, balance and finesse to CIRQ - superbly blending the highest quality fruit from the Valley’s prime vineyards. The result is the best Pinot Noir possible, where uncommon breeding meets unprecedented flavors for the ultimate expression of this magical region. CIRQ is released every July to our members. We invite you to become part of the CIRQ journey.

The Cirq Lineup


Hand-wrought wines from regions near and far.

CHEV is sparked by Michael’s love and appreciation for old school workmanship. From classic cars to vintage clocks, CHEV hat tips to bygone days when artisans crafted in their forge and the raw was hand-wrought to expert precision. Just like our grapes—exquisitely grown by master farmers, curated from renowned sites, and refined to delicious detail in our family shop. Crafted in a style all its own, CHEV is unbounded by region, born from exceptional vineyards, near and far. We welcome you to Join the Guild - limited release coming September 2020.

Chev Wines front and back label


Whether gathered around the table or by the fire, not too much has changed in the last 5,000 years. From cavemen to the present day, coming together with great friends and family to eat, drink, and share stories – it’s part of our primal DNA. And enhancing those magic moments is what drives us. At Browne Family Wines, we work hard making delicious wines so you can tie-up the horses, sit back and pause life without distractions. Where who’s pouring the bottle is your only concern. CIRQ to CHEV, we’re serious about winemaking. And savoring life to the fullest glass.