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Michael and Sara Browne, owners of Browne Family Wines.

Someday honey, we’ll have our own winery”

Our journey began in 1997. Sarah and I had been dating only three months when I boldly asked the question, “I’m moving back to Sonoma to become a winemaker. I’m going to sleep on my buddy’s futon and get my old restaurant job back. Want to go with me?” Sarah thought I was nuts. And I was. At 27, I was just crazy and gutsy enough to believe in my dreams. With a world of uncertainties ahead, Sarah bravely said, “OK, I’ll come with you.”

Hopping into my broken-down Jetta, we took the leap from Seattle to Sonoma County. I spent days working at a winery, nights in the restaurant – exhausted and run down, while Sarah worked full-time too. It was tough, for sure. She finally took me aside and said, “I don’t know about this, I never see you…I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

I said, “Someday we’ll have our own winery, honey. Believe me, we’re going to make it work.” I had no proof. But I felt it with every intensity.

It’s been a long road to get here—from launching Kosta Browne with everything we had to finally realizing our dream of owning a family winery. Today, our forever home stands in Russian River Valley’s heart, pouring 23 years of hard work into our signature wines, CIRQ and CHEV. Refining every step to delicious detail, we’re also in no hurry—taking time to love, laugh, enjoy life with our three wonderful kids—and, of course, drink great wine.

Michael Browne

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